Growing Manufacturing Business Needs Help Recruiting Fast!


Appointments were approached by a large, local manufacturing company whose business had been consistently growing. As part of their growth, they needed a large volume of ongoing temporary workers to fill skilled and unskilled industrial roles.


Unfortunately, the 3 local recruitment partners they currently had in place was were unable to meet the demand of the numbers and in the words of our clients were ‘just sending anyone’. This was reducing the volume of manufacturing that could take place and was severely affecting the company on a financial level as well as their relationships with customers.


At Appointments, we pride ourselves on open, honest communication and supplying the best people for the job, regardless of contract type. We would rather inform the client we didn’t have staff available than send workers we were not 100% sure would be reliable and capable. The client appreciated this authentic approach, and we sprang to work.
Our Firstly, our consultants job shadowed the role, so they were fully aware of what was required by the workers. Next,, and we began using our 7-step vetting process to ensure only the most suitable candidates were placed with the client and created a candidate handbook to ensure new starters were fully aware of expectations, induction processes and health and safety policies. Furthermore, we improved communication with hiring managers through the implementation of regular PSL reviews to assess our performance and the quality of candidates being supplied. We agreed updated processes and conducted a benchmarking exercise that found pay rates were lower than competitors, which was having a direct impact on attracting high quality talent.


Thanks to our consultants thorough and quick work, Appointments are now successfully recruiting in excess of 15 new staff per week and have become the client’s preferred supplier.
Appointments are more than a recruitment agency; we are a recruitment partner that can aid you with creating the best recruitment strategy for your business.
If you are experiencing issues with your managed services, or are considering implementing a managed services strategy, please contact the team at Appointments who would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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