Recruiting A Finance Team From Top To Bottom


A medium sized growing business in Staffordshire with small accountancy and finance team.


This Staffordshire medium sized business approached us when their existing Finance Director left the business and they needed to replace them on a short-term basis. They had tried other recruitment methods but found it hard to find the right candidate with the right values. The client and candidate were so well matched that they ended up staying long-term and Appointments devised a recruitment plan for the new Accountancy team.


The Finance Director new about our recruitment process here at Appointments and asked us to follow the same process to attract the right people for the team. As well as following our intensive recruitment process sourcing for candidates we gave the F.D help writing a job description for a Finance Controller and Finance Assistants and created accountancy and finance specific interview questions to ensure the candidates we placed had an excellent level of practical competency as well as the accredited qualifications required.


The dedicated approach Appointments has to candidates as well as clients meant this client could be confident, they would have access the best top finance talent in the area and resulted in a new team being implemented into the business within an 8 week period.

If you need specialist finance and accountancy support, please contact Jayne Clarence our specialist Accountancy and Finance specialist who will be happy to get started on 01782 338787 or email

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