Keeping Up With The Fast-Paced World Of Call Centres


Many businesses were affected by the recent pandemic and our call centre client was no exception. They needed a high volume of quality candidates inducted, trained and up to speed almost immediately.


Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the client’s current agency was unable to supply the quality and quantity of call centre staff that were needed. The situation had now become critical, and a quick response was required.


The Appointments team wasted no time getting started. Needing to place 10-15 quality candidates a week, Appointments began a recruitment drive for a high volume of customer service staff, quickly setting up a video interviewing to ensure the pandemic did not slow down the recruitment process. Furthermore, we provided interview training to the hiring manager as well as supporting with induction and training to ensure candidates were able to quickly hit the ground running. Appointments were more than a recruitment partner, attending resource planning meetings to help the client effectively plan and ensure we were fully aware of upcoming requirements.


Thanks to the quick action of the Appointments team, we supplied a high volume of customer service staff virtually overnight. We then went on to successfully place 10-15 staff per week for 12 months to support this client through their peak season.
High volume, quick turnaround recruitment models are one of the hardest to successfully execute so if you are looking for a team that can get it right first time, contact Appointments today.

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