How to Manage Temps for Success

How to Manage Temporary Workers Success

There were just over 1.63 million temporary workers (also called temps) in the UK in July 2021 and almost 10,000 vacancies for temporary workers being advertised in Staffordshire and Cheshire. Temporary workers provide significant benefits to companies in the industrial sector. Firstly, they can help businesses when they are understaffed or need temporary extra help with a project. Secondly, they are able to do the work that requires significant training but is not necessarily their core business and they can also give a business an edge in markets where response time is essential.

However, there is a significant difference in managing temporary workers compared to managing permanent employees. Particularly if you want to retain temp’s long term or have them available to return to you when you need them.

So, how do you manage temporary workers for success?

Make them a part of the team 

The word “temp” still sometimes comes with the negative perception of an unskilled person who completes mindless tasks, just clocking in and out each day until they are no longer required. This does little for attracting temporary workers and especially in the industrial sector.

Temporary workers should be made to feel a part of the team. It may sound obvious but don’t refer to them as “the temp”, refer to them as Bob or Jenny or whatever their name is. As a manger, the wider team will follow your behaviour. So, introduce them properly to the people they will be working with, invite them to take part in meetings and ensure they receive important correspondence relevant to the project they are working on. Furthermore, invite them to events that may be happening whilst they are with you.

Temporary workers often know other temporary workers due to the opportunity of building a wide network between employers. By treating your temporary workers as part of the team, not only will you get the best from them when they are with you but they will also become an ambassador for your business when recruiting other temporary workers.

Invest in their training

Many businesses provide the minimum induction or training needed to fulfil legal or compliance obligations such as health and safety. However, by providing a comprehensive induction, giving the temporary worker a clear job description, and managing expectations from day one you not only ensure that temporary worker has all the information they need to perform the job to the best of their ability, but you also let them know they are a valued addition to your business, even just for the short term.

Ask for feedback

Of course, regular feedback from the temporary workers manager is needed to ensure they are working to the required standard however also speak to the temporary worker for their feedback. Check how they are getting on, that they are happy and even find out if they have any ideas for improvement. Whilst your permanent employees have the benefit of long-term knowledge of your business, a temporary worker may be able to see areas for improvement that other workers are too close to see. Asking for feedback from your temporary worker lets them know their opinion is wanted and, again, makes them feel like a valued member of the team.

Furthermore, another reason many people choose to undertake temporary work is to diversify their skills and experience. This may be beneficial for your business. Talk to temporary workers about their prior experience. Whilst you may have taken them on to fulfil a gap in your current manufacturing process, you may find that they have skills in project management that could support in another aspect of your business.

Keep in touch

When a project comes to an end, stay in touch with temporary workers that have been good members of the team. When recruiting either permanent or temporary workers in the future, these previous workers should be the first people you contact to return. It reduces the amount of time spent training, encourages loyalty, and shows that you recognise the valuable contribution temporary workers bring.


As you may have seen, there is a common theme running through this article when it comes to managing temporary workers for success and that’s making them feel valued. This is no different for permanent, contract or temporary workers. The more employees feel valued, the more motivated, reliable, loyal, and productive they are.

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