Is now the right time to leave your HR position?

Being a director of a recruitment agency, I get to talk to a number of HR professionals on a regular basis and I was not surprised to learn that so many people are unhappy in their job right now. So… is now the right time to leave your HR role?

The pandemic caused a lot of stress in HR, you are more than likely dealing with stressed out Directors as well as dealing with recruitment difficulties and maybe even the uncertainty of your own job. There is an ever-increasing pile of employment related issues and you are overrun with keeping up with job retention schemes, salary negotiations and restructuring programmes.

We are hoping the up and coming challenges with the cost of living won’t be too painful and as long as you retain your passion for the HR field and the people, and your sense of humour, you can overlook a lot of aggravation. We are seeing that the recruitment market is still challenging, and HR is certainly an area that is needed. So maybe it’s time to take a step back and consider your options. I have put together 7 issues that I come across on a regular basis for the reasons why HR professionals move jobs, if you can resonate with more than 3 of these then maybe it is time for a move.

  • You have lost your passion and you find that your mission for working in HR and your goals are no longer meaningful to you.
  • You find that most of your time is mired in administrative and transactional tasks, not at all what you signed on to spend your time doing in your HR employment, and you have been unable to find a way to change the situation.
  • Your industry has experienced economic turmoil and you have laid employees off, downsized your business, dealt with the fear, mistrust, loss, and the grief of remaining co-workers, and you’re just burnt out in your HR role.
  • You no longer think about employees as valued resources. Instead, they are the whiners, the complainers, and you are just plain tired of dealing with employee complaints and employees.
  • You perceive little or no opportunity for advancement or career development. You feel locked into the same HR role at different levels unless you are at a very big company where career advancement and lateral moves are more frequent. And, you would like to try something different to grow and develop your skills.
  • You are tired of teaching managers over and over the appropriate steps for employee disciplinary action. They wait too long and involve you too late after they have made mistakes.
  • You fight continually to be relevant and strategic, yet the day-to-day responsibilities constantly consume your time. Your organisation rewards you more for the daily record keeping tasks than it does for your strategic thinking, your vision of the HR contribution to the bottom line, and your participation in executive planning to direct the company. Battles with finance over cost versus retention, reward, recognition, and employee empowerment are frequent and painful.

One recent trend was the reduction of in-house HR and small HR departments due to outsourcing and technology. Another was how HR will become more like Marketing due to ‘talent buying’ and the third was HR departments will have to manage a remote workforce. These changes may impact on your future in HR and if it is the industry for you.

So, the main question is, should I be looking for a new job right now?

Only you can really answer that question, however If you feel like you want a new opportunity it does not do any harm to be on the lookout for what is available. Do not be afraid to change industries’ and focus on your career goals, remember there is always a job for the right person out there!  The beauty of technology and online communication allows you to expand your professional network easily! You can make new career connections and have social interactions all from the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to discuss moving from your current HR role then please feel free to get in touch with me: or connect with me on LinkedIn.