How temping can remedy a job search headache

At some stage or another, many of us reach the point that we’re no longer happy in our current roles. Whatever the reason for this might be, temping in pastures new can help you to regain the drive and motivation you once had.

But typically, just as you’ve made this realisation, you just can’t seem to find that perfect position. After countless hours of trawling the web, you’re well on your way to a job search headache and are beginning to lose hope.

Temping gives you time to find the perfect role

Finding the perfect role can take time, so instead of becoming frustrated and increasingly disillusioned with your current role, temping can offer the perfect solution to end that job search headache. Finding a temp role where you can use your skills frees you from your current position and gives you the opportunity to try your hand at something different.

Temping roles often have much shorter lead times than that of permanent positions, so you’re able to access work quickly and easily. Temp roles exist in so many industries and job types, so there’s a multitude of opportunities for you to choose from.

Take a career change trial

Temping also gives you the ability to ‘trial’ a position for a set length of time to see if a permanent role in this area could be the career change you’ve been seeking. Add the fact that you’ll get paid into the mix and temping becomes an excellent way to test drive new careers with little risk.

Rebuild your confidence

If your confidence has taken a knock in your last role, temping can also give you back the self-belief you’ll need to be happy at work. A new environment might be just the thing you need to regain any confidence you might have lost elsewhere and give you the boost you need when applying for other, longer term positions.

You could be better suited to temping

However, many jobseekers who’ve tried temping find that the flexibility and variety that temp working offers suits them better than any permanent position and continue to temp long-term. Temp positions range from a few days to several months and in some cases employees have stayed in the same position for years.

Temp employees also enjoy pretty much the same legal rights as permanent staff, so the risk of being short changed for the work you do is virtually nil.

So if you’re looking to keep your employment options open, speak to an experience member of the Appointments team today to discover if temping could offer the right opportunities for you.