Is there such a thing as being overqualified for the job?

Something I’m frequently asked by some of our more experienced candidates is ‘am I overqualified for the job?’. Often, they’ve seen a vacancy advertised that ticks all the right boxes, but are put off by the job title, especially if it gives the impression that it’s a more junior position to ones that they’ve previously held.

But don’t tell this put you off, even if you think that you’re overqualified for the job here’s three good reasons why you should still put in an application.

Just because you believe that you’re overqualified, the employer might not feel the same way. They’re hoping for a wide spectrum of skills and experience in the applications they receive, and just because you previously held a finance management position doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t consider you for a more junior marketing role.

Many candidates look for a career change at some point in their working lives, and as many skills are transferrable from one role to another, they’ll assess your CV to pick out skills and experience they can help you build upon in the future.

If your sticking with a similar role but going down a few positions, employers will want to understand your motivations for doing so. Perhaps you want less responsibility at work, more time to spend with your family or felt that you were happier in a less demanding position.

The employer doesn’t just want the best candidate they can get, but they’ll also need to feel reassured that you’ll stick around and that you’re not just taking the job because it’s the only one available at the time.

Skills matching
Some companies like to give out really flashy job titles to their staff that can sometimes put off prospective new employers. Although you can’t help your job title, what you can do is ensure that the skills included on your CV match those of what the employer is looking for.

Remember, employers are often really excited to receive a CV that shows that a candidate can do more than what’s required, but make sure that your application covers the basics too.

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