What to do when you’ve missed your perfect job opportunity

You’ve finally found your perfect job opportunity, it’s got the perks, salary package and career progression you’ve always dreamed about.

Problem is you’ve missed the application date or simply don’t have the time to spring clean your CV before the deadline.

Before you start beating yourself up on missing out on the job you’ve been searching for what seems like an eternity, there are a number of things you can do to try and get your CV considered.

Give them a call
Track down a phone number, email address and a name if possible from the advert and make contact. Explain that although your aware that the application deadline has now passed you feel that you’re a perfect fit for the role and if the dates are set in stone, would they be willing to keep your details on file should the vacancy become available at a later date.

Sometimes employers go through the entire recruitment process only to discover their initial candidates might not be right for the position or the lucky candidate might leave unexpectedly – so it’s worth getting in touch.

Get your CV up to scratch
If your busy at work and don’t have the time to give your CV the attention it deserves before you apply then help is at hand! Our free CV Surgery is manned by our team of qualified recruitment consultants who can help you get your CV in tip top condition with expert advice and support.

In just 30 minutes over the phone you’ll be able to discuss your perfect job opportunity and our knowledgeable consultants will give you all the tools you need to tailor your application and get your CV noticed. Click here to find out more.

Connect with decision makers
You might need to do a bit of detective work for this bit, but done properly connecting with decision makers can pay off. First, make sure that your LinkedIn profile is as good as it possibly can be, then seek out the decision makers or HR Managers for the organisation that have advertised your dream role.

Send them a request to connect via the system and if they think your skills and experience is a good match for the role, they might be willing to consider an application from you even though you’ve missed the advertised deadline. Employers and recruiters are far more open to introductions through digital channels than previously thought and they’re unlikely to pass up an opportunity to talk to a good quality candidate should you get in touch.

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