3 of the worst job search tips you’ll want to avoid

Job search tips are everywhere nowadays. The internet, friends, even someone you hardly know will try and give you some kind of advice when they find out that you’re looking for a new job.

You’ll probably listen and smile politely while they reel off their job search pearls of wisdom, and some may even offer up a few new ideas that you might not have even thought of which is great – but beware of our 3 worst job search tips and avoid them at all costs!

Tell the world
Telling everyone your starting out on a job search isn’t a bad idea – unless you currently have a job. You’d be surprised how quickly this news can reach the ears of your employers and in most cases they’re highly likely to ask you about it.

At best they’ll try to persuade you to stay by dangling a carrot such as a pay rise or promotion, but more often than not you’ll find that they closely monitor your every move to try and figure out if you’re going to leave and when that’s likely to happen so they can line up someone new to fill your position.

Apply for anything
You might be down-right miserable in your current job, but that doesn’t mean that applying for every job you see is the best way of getting out of a job you dislike as you’ll most probably find yourself in exactly the same situation again in six months.

Only pick out the vacancies that offer you something that your current job doesn’t. For example, if you feel like your current job doesn’t offer enough opportunities for career progression and you’re not moving forward, then seek out opportunities that do.

Go it alone
Tackling a job search alone can lead to hours and hours of trawling through vacancies without much success. Having an experienced and knowledgeable recruitment specialist on hand to help provide you with advice and job search tips as well as giving you access to the best local opportunities that match your wish list really is the best advice I can give anyone who’s looking to make a career move.

Set up a meeting either by phone or face-to-face with a reputable recruitment agency to talk about your ambitions and plans for the future and they’ll give you all the advice, support and job search tips you’ll need to find that dream role.