Is Your Pay Competitive In Today’s Job Market?

How can you check that your salary is competitive for Staffordshire and Cheshire?

Every year, we produce a guide on Salaries being offered on a wide range of jobs based on our findings for Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire regions providing some valuable insights on pay for employers and jobseekers on the current recruitment landscape in our area.

This year we’ve uncovered some key recruitment trends for the next 12 months which will affect local businesses looking to increase their workforce and candidates seeking new opportunities.

Many employers in the area are seeking to increase their permanent and temporary workforces over the next 12 months despite the slowdown in the economy.  A recent drop in vacancies hasn’t had a significant impact on supply and demand with the number of jobs available exceeding the number of those seeking work. We continue to see that job seekers are in a strong position in the tight labour market, with salaries being offered reflecting this.

In terms of new employment opportunities for local jobseekers, there are still plenty of good employment opportunities to be taken advantage of, but jobseekers will need to get savvy on how they approach their job search as many vacancies go undetected as not all jobs are advertised online or in the local press.

Local businesses are working with recruitment agencies or recruiting via social networking sites as their recruitment methods of choice, therefore some candidates are missing out on these hidden opportunities by not including these channels in their search for a new role.

For more valuable insights on local salaries in our area and the latest recruitment trends, download our Salary Guide. For more support with your job search upload your CV now.