Thanks, but no thanks: How to overcome job rejection

Let’s face it, no one likes receiving a job rejection email, letter or phone call.

You’ve worked hard getting your CV polished up and made a real effort to make a great impression at interview, so getting a standard email template saying that they won’t be taking your application any further can come as a real blow.

It’s easy to see job rejection as a failure on your part, and many of us can’t see the bigger picture when we’ve received the news that we really didn’t want to hear. But instead of losing your confidence and giving up, there are some positive you can take away from the experience.

Ask for feedback
If your confident that you gave your all in your application and again at interview stage, then it can be difficult to pin point exactly what went wrong.

Asking for feedback will be the only way that you’ll discover why you weren’t successful in landing the job and give you the insight you need to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen again. Of course, there might be reasons outside of your control but I find its always better to ask so you know for certain.

A polite email thanking the company for their consideration and a request for feedback seldom goes unanswered, so be sure to send one as soon as you can.

Learn from your experience
Once you’ve received your feedback, try not to take any of the comments made personally. Look at them objectively and think how you could avoid any such issues in the future. If the employer felt that you didn’t come across as confident enough in your ability to do the job, then perhaps you could work on your interview technique or learn some tools to help combat interview nerves.

Remember, all interviews are good experience – regardless of the outcome. What you decide to do about a rejection for a role is what really matters.

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