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Is Recruitment in Your DNA?

In the world of recruitment, there are no rigid rules. Whether you're a fresh graduate, a parent juggling family life, or someone looking to strike a balance between hard work and play, Appointments Personnel opens doors to your future. What you do need is unwavering drive, unshakable determination, and an insatiable desire to thrive.

In our realm, you can prosper in recruitment even if you opt for part-time roles and flexible hours. What truly matters is the ambition and drive you bring to shape your future. After all, it's your future to define and design!  Come and Join us!

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Why Join the Appointments Team?

Flexible Part-Time Roles: We offer part-time positions with a hybrid work model, giving you the freedom to balance work and life effectively.

Learn from Seasoned Recruiters: Gain invaluable insights from our experienced recruiters. We're here to mentor you and help you build a successful career.

Uncapped Commission: Your earning potential knows no limits. With our commission structure, the more you put in, the more you take home.

Effort Equals Rewards: At our team, you get out what you put in. Your hard work and dedication directly correlate with your personal and professional success.

Growth Opportunities: Join a business that's on the rise. We're continually expanding, providing ample room for you to grow and advance your career. Be part of a thriving journey with us.

Become an Industry Expert: We offer the opportunity to elevate your career to a whole new level. Instead of being a generalist recruiter, you'll have the chance to specialize and become an industry expert


The Recruitment Fit test .

If you can confidently say "yes" to these statements, you're a great fit for the world of recruitment:

  • Target-Focused: You set and conquer your objectives with precision.
  • Driven: You're fueled by the passion to excel and push boundaries.
  • Resilient: Setbacks only make you stronger.
  • People-Oriented: You find genuine pleasure in connecting with businesses and individuals.
  • Confident: You exude self-assuredness, both in your abilities and interactions.
  • Process-Driven: You understand the value of proven methods.
  • Open to Learning: You eagerly embrace new strategies and stay adaptable.
  • Consistent: You maintain a steady level of effort, delivering quality results.
  • Effort-Driven: Hard work is your path to success.
Come join us

Come join us

It's time to move up your career ladder .

  • Initial Chat: Let's have an introductory conversation to see if we're a potential match.

  • Meet in Person: Come and meet us, so we can get to know you better.

  • Face-to-Face Interview: During this interview, we'll dive deeper into your skills and aspirations.

  • Share Your Ideas: Present your ideas to us, demonstrating your drive and ambition.

At Appointments, equality is our foundation, and we're a unified team. Your career is your canvas, and we've carefully mapped out development tracks to nurture and elevate talent. Starting as a Talent Coordinator, you hold the reins to become a Business Manager in your chosen area. The choice is yours!

If you're ready to apply for any of our roles, simply send an email to Include a covering letter specifying the role you're interested in and why you believe you're a strong fit. Joining our team is a straightforward process:

Work For Us

Work For Us

Let's Talk.

We are always looking for bright and passionate people who have recruitment in their DNA. We offer support, trust and a great team ethos. Just send us your details and we will be in contact.

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