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Recruitment Solutions Designed With You In Mind

Recruitment Solutions Designed With You In Mind

Our Solutions.

Temporary Solutions

This service is for you if... You find yourself having a work overload for a short period of time, or maybe you have to cover someone’s sickness or annual leave. You need someone quickly to fill a gap or you need flexibility in your workforce. 

How does it work? We keep an up-to-date database of interviewed candidates, call it our applicant pool who are seeking temporary work and are available immediately. You give us a detailed job brief and we match the right candidate or candidates.

Why use this service? Using a temp can help you deliver that order faster, deliver that project on time or even give you breathing space whilst you make the right hiring decision.

Permanent Recruitment

This service is for you if... You find you don’t have the time to go through the whole recruitment process yourself or maybe you are finding it hard to attract the talent you need in your business. 

How does it work? We follow a tried and tested method to find you the talent you deserve, this will include candidate attraction, screening of applications, interviewing and testing. We don’t just pull CVs from LinkedIn and forward them on!! Our recruitment strategy goes beyond traditional recruitment methods and our consultants do everything to ensure you receive an outstanding service. You will have access to our client portal, video bios and receive a whole host of benefits of being an Appointments' client. Read More. 

Why use this service? 100-day refund, access to talent that you will not find on job boards, confidential service and all the benefits that come with becoming an Appointments' client.

Recruiting As A Service

This service is for you if... You know you have a lot of recruitment coming up and you need someone to take the headache away and manage your recruitment from start to finish, or maybe you do not have an in-house recruitment team and you need to grow fast.

How does it work? It’s a monthly subscription service just like your gym membership, but we guarantee you will use it far more. Each month your recruitment consultant will work on your behalf searching for the right candidates, advising you on your recruitment strategy, job descriptions interview process, basically assisting you with anything that involves recruitment.  You will have your own recruiter who will design your highly optimized job adverts, have access to our video interview service and your own employer portal where you can view candidates specifically recruited just for your business. 

Why use this service? A cost-effective solution, no more per placement charges, dedicated recruitment consultant.

HR Support

This service is for you if... You are an SME who does not have dedicated HR support, think contracts of employment, job descriptions, inductions and employment related issues. 

How Does it Work? Simply speak to our Managing Director Emma Bonfiglio who will discuss your needs and we will design a package and a price plan that works.

Why use this service? Our HR support service goes hand in hand with our recruitment service which can save you time and ensure you meet employment law guidelines.

Psychometric Testing

This service is for you if... You are looking for a recruitment tool to support your recruitment process.

How does it work? We recommend using this service at the second interview, our trained assessor will conduct the test and give feedback to you.

Why use this service? Psychometric testing is an excellent tool to assist you in not only recruitment making decisions but the training and ongoing support a new member of your team may need when they start with you. Use this service to reduce your hiring headaches and retain your staff.

Interview Technique Training

This service is for you if... Your line managers or HR team have limited experience in interviewing potential talent.

How does it work? Kerry Bonfiglio-Bains our founder has designed an Interviewing for Hiring Managers workshop that covers everything from Managing your brand to how to create interview questions that work. This is a practical, easy to understand workshop that gets results. 

Why use this service? The cost of hiring and getting in the wrong can run into thousands of pounds and take up hours of your time. By training your hiring team you can be confident that the right person won't slip through the net and vice versa.

Inspiration At Your Fingertips.

We understand recruitment can be a tricky business, that’s why we have created some great resources for you. With our support and knowledge, your recruitment needs will be in the right hands.

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Why Choose Appointments?

Why Choose Appointments?

We do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

  • One point of contact saving you time

  • Access to our candidate portal- no need to read through countless emails

  • 23 years’ experience in recruiting local talent, that’s got to count for something

  • REC accredited giving you peace of mind

  • Video interviews designed specifically for you, see the candidate answer your 3 burning questions

  • We are a nice bunch of recruiters, and we live and breathe recruitment, so you don’t have to

  • Our team works whilst yours are at home, that means we can reach candidates that you can't

  • 100 day refund for permanent placements

Find The Talent You Need

Find The Talent You Need

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