Top 6 Recruiting Trends for 2023:

Following on from Covid, Brexit, the cost of living crisis and questions about “Are we in a recession or not?” the recruitment market has changed a lot in the last few years. Amidst a growing skills gap and the increasing difficulty to find suitable talent fast, we take a look at some of the top trends in recruitment.

1. Proactive recruiting

Recruiters are using proactive candidate engagement to find talent for roles at all levels. Rather than the traditional method of promoting a job and getting applicants, many recruiters find talent who fit what they are looking for and then connect to find out if they’re interested in a new opportunity.

2. Employer branding

Job seekers will research a business’s reputation and brand before they apply. So savvy employers understand the importance of maintaining or improving their brand image to find talent. Just like with customers, future applicants want to work for business respected in their industry who treat their employees well.

3. Candidate experience

With the demand for skilled candidates often outweighing the supply, job seekers are becoming more selective when choosing which companies to apply to and are strongly influenced by employer brands. Candidate experience is becoming an increasingly important factor to find talent.

It’s important for recruiters to maintain the human touch in their recruitment experience, make sure all your candidate have a good experience. Avoid treating candidates like just another data entry, you recruitment process tells future talent alot about how you treat your employers.

4. Diversity, equity, and inclusion

This is a popular and growing recruiting trend in 2023. Inclusion, equity, and diversity practices have shifted into the spotlight and can strongly influence candidates’ perception of an employer’s brand and their decisions to pursue or disregard advertised job openings.

Make sure your recruitment practices are unbiased to widen your pool of applicants. Prioritising diversity, equity, and inclusion also offers other benefits, including improved employee happiness, productivity, retention, and loyalty.

5. Work flexibility

Many businesses operate with a diverse team. Offering creative benefits including flexible work schedules will help your offer stand out and creates a more attractive workplace for potential candidates.

6. Inwardly mobile

Employers are making the most of the talent they already have. Is there someone under your nose who is right for a promotion. By offering development opportunities to your current employees to fill skills gaps you’ll improve employee satisfaction, loyalty and improve retention.

At Appointments we help businesses assess their recruitment practices to see if they’re working and will help them find the talent they need. If you’re interested in how you can be more proactive in your recruitment methods or feel your processes need a recruitment audit get in touch.